Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This is going to be a problem...

First of all... Happy BIRTHDAY to my sister ERIKA!!!! Love you lots!!

So as of last Friday Gunnar is officially crawling.  He's still very slow and deliberate about this new form of transportation but I really think he's a perfectionist...I can just see him scrutinizing every move and taking mental notes about what's going on.  He's also mastered the art of sitting up by himself from the crawling position. And just today he started pulling himself up on me...Eeek!  I just know any moment he will realize he can go faster and this kid will be unstoppable!

He seems to want to spend all of his waking hours perfecting this craft because he does not like to be strapped into his new highchair for any length of time unless there is food being shoveled into his mouth. (And YES I mean shoveled...this kid is an eating MACHINE, he can't get enough! Last night I fed him 1/3 of a huge sweet potato, 1/2 a banana and a huge serving of rice cereal in one sitting!)

Here's my biggest problem...I haven't really baby proofed the house yet. And I don't really know how to. I have all these craft projects that I have to work on day and night for my Etsy store...and it's hard to keep them confined to one area and I make a large mess every time I work on any sort of project.  We're talking scissors, pins, needles, seam rippers...dangerous objects!! I'm terrified of letting G down on the floor anywhere where these projects have been in the last 24 hours...which is almost everywhere in the apartment. So I feel like the only safe place to let him crawl around is in his own room...and I think he's getting a little bored of the small confined space.  I don't know how to rectify this situation. HELP!!
Our balcony seemed like a safe place for some crawling...

I have been having a hard time getting all the things down that I'd like to get done in a day lately...and I'm wondering if I should make a more strict schedule for myself revolving around G's naps.  Do any of you stay-at-home mom's do this? I mean I have a cleaning schedule that I try to stick to...but I'm talking something very stringent like:

Morning Nap: Kitchen Scrub Down
Midday Nap: Work on Etsy project
After Midday Nap: Grocery Shopping
Afternoon Nap: Blog and List Etsy items
After Bedtime: Finish Etsy projects

Morning Nap: Laundry & Dusting
Midday Nap: Laundry & Blogging
After Midday Nap: Trip to Library/Park
Afternoon Nap: Blog and other writing projects
After Bedtime: Continue working on writing projects....

Something like that? Or maybe I should just get back into the habit of making TO DO lists for myself... I don't know if this schedule will be too hard to follow...but I have to do something because I'm going crazy at the end of each day feeling like I got nothing accomplished. SUGGESTIONS???
Motherhood is a full time job...and then I have all of these OTHER things...I'm constantly in motion...when I find the time to sleep, I do sleep well.


  1. First of all, you look gorgeous! Second, I totally know what you mean! We've babyproofed in the sense that our dog, Abbey, eats stuff if we leave it around so it's typically pretty neat around here. We added padding to the edges of the coffee table because Emma pulls herself to standing and was bumping her head on it all the time. We have outlet covers but I haven't put them on yet and we have cabinet door/drawer thingies but I haven't done those yet either. Could you designate a craft room or space for your work? maybe only work at the table so everything stays in one place? Work on top of a sheet or blanket so that you can just fold it up and stick it somewhere?

    Oh, and I need a schedule too. I'm working on coming up with something reasonable but it's hard and I don't want to feel like I'm disappointing myself if I can't stick to it.

    Good luck mama!! G is too handsome!

  2. Naps are the only time to get things done that need 100% of your time, just wait till he is down to 1 a day! Baby proofing while great, in reality the entire world is not baby proof. time to set limits for him and teaching what is his what is not and what he can two finger touch. After 3 children and one toddler still my rules is ask mommy you can have it, cant have it or two finger touch it. I have never baby proofed fully.

  3. For the scheduling...I have gotten so COMPLETELY forgetful with running my own biz, two kids, preschool, mommy and me class, swim lessons, gymnastics...there is always SOMETHING going on!! So I bought myself a really cute notebook that goes with me EVERYWHERE!!! Because if I think of it I NEED to write it down NOW or poof, forgotten. So that is very helpful and then I cross things off and rip out pages when they are accomplished. As for the strict schedule..DON'T DO IT!! because if you don't get it done you will be disappointed. You need to give yourself a few things each week that you REALLY want to get done and give yourself a week to get it never know how long those naps will be or if something comes up and you need to change your plans. So make a weekly list that WILL get done by the end of the week and then your general list so if it doesn't get crossed off by the end of the week you won't be disappointed.

  4. You have got to get this little thing I got from Target. It's a toy that suctions to the table and spins around, but unlike other similar versions, it actually stays stuck and makes noise and music. M loves it, and it makes leaving him in his chair for a bit (to prepare food, usually) no problem. Not sure the name of it but it's in the baby aisles, not the toy aisles, maybe by the bibs.

    Love the pics of the balcony! I just discovered that too, and I got a cute baby pool that actually fits on the balcony! It was adorable and only $5. M is just now "understanding" that the pool is fun to splash around in. This one comes with little blow up toys he likes. I blew it up myself - filled it with two kitchen buckets of water. Easy and a lot of fun, plus our wifi reaches to our porch!