Thursday, June 23, 2011

What a Difference a List Makes...

So after my Zone-Out day yesterday...
I was determined to make today count. So here is a detailed account of my day today:

5:00am: Gunnar's hungry...dream feed, put him back in his crib at 5:20am: Go back to bed.
7:50am: Wake up, peek in on G he's awake and happily playing with his owl lovey. I make myself some tea...then go give him a diaper change. He's doing the hungry cough (his new way of saying "umm Mommy my throats a little dry do you think I could have a spot of milk? Ahem, Ahem")  So I nurse him...he's rubbing his eyes.
8:30am: He nurses himself to sleep...I put him down. Time to get to work.
8:40am: eat a quick breakfast (banana bread and oatmeal)
9:00am: Clean both bathrooms (this was neglected yesterday) and make bed.
9:30am: Uh-oh someone's awake! Change G's diaper and get him dressed in new outfit I designed for my Etsy shoot time!
9:45-10:00am: Etsy's some cute ones that didn't make the listing:

10:00am: Get myself and Gunnar ready to go to the gym
10:30am: Get to Gym, put G in babysitting room...spend 30 minutes on eliptical, 10 minutes lifting weights, 5 minutes doing sit-ups and 15 minutes showering and getting dressed.
11:30am: Pick up Gunnar from babysitting room and drive home
11:45am: Feed Gunnar...he nurses himself to sleep (whoops...oh well at least he's sleeping)
12:00pm: Make myself some lunch (Grilled cheese and a nectarine/banana fruit salad...this is pretty fancy for me!)
12:15pm: While eating lunch upload photos, edit and list new outfit on Etsy, re-list some expired listings on Etsy...catch up on email.
12:45pm: Put in a load of laundry and start picking up house (My aunt, uncle and cousin's are coming back from Italy and spending the night again tonight...need clean house!)
12:50pm: G is screaming with his eyes closed...this is weird, not normal. I pick him up, keeps screaming...I nurse him. He dream feeds...I guess he wanted to keep sleeping but he was hungry. Put him back down.
1:00pm: Get back to picking up house.
1:40pm: Start putting dishes away.
1:41pm: Gunnar's up...and happy...finish putting away dishes away (G's so good about playing by himself in his crib)
2:00pm: Change G's diaper (we're out of wipes...we have more down in storage).
2:10pm: Get G in carrier and walk across the street to Library to pick up museum passes...they don't have any of the ones I want...we leave.
2:15pm: Collect the Mail.
2:20pm: Go to storage closet to get wipes
2:25pm: Replenish Wipes
2:30pm: Keep G in carrier while vacuuming rug.
2:40pm: Put clothes in dryer
2:45pm: Take G out of carrier let him crawl FREE while I open the mail on the floor with him...
3:00pm: Take care of some Etsy business and start writing this blog
3:45pm: G's doing the hungry cough again...I scoop him up and take him to his room to nurse and read a story...he rub's his eyes during story time.
4:00pm: I turn on his sleep sheep and put him in his crib's time for his late afternoon nap...he'll figure it out eventually.
4:05pm: Get out all the baby bottle/pump/food feeding items in the kitchen (they're haphazardly thrown in a bin in our island) time to organize and minimize.
4:20pm: Now that's done move onto the corner cupboard in the kitchen it's a hot mess...tupperware and serving dishes smashed in together....time to organize and minimize.
4:45pm: Organizing Done! Looks Great! Make myself a latte and check on G...he's out for the count...somehow he put his hood on...cute! Grab camera...(snap)
4:50pm: Sit down to finish this post...Feeling pretty accomplished! YES! Now before you think I'm super mom or something...I'll remind you of what happened yesterday.

The difference, my friends...a LIST...


  1. Yay! I need lists too! In fact, after you wrote about creating a daily schedule, I made one and it's helped me so much!!

  2. LOL! I love lists ... and that's quite the list!
    I'm your newest follower from Bloggy Mom
    Ro :)
    Have YOU had your Mom-ME Moment today?

  3. So I think I need to find paper and start making a list too!!
    Good pix of Baby G - nothing new here, all pix of G are terrific!
    Glad your day went well and hope the O's and you have a great time during their short stay!
    L, D

  4. I try to make a list and was good with one kid, but with two my lists never seem to work as well :) New follower from bloggy moms, you can find me at

  5. Having one of those zone out days & a crazy busy weekend coming up! I definitely need a list too! Great idea! New follower from Bloggymoms. Jen