Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mommy sings...A LOT

I'm pretty sure Gunnar hears me sing more than he hears me speak.
I don't know if I'm just imaging this...but he seems to be far more attentive when I sing...hence the singing...also, I get a lot of those awesome G Miles Smiles when I sing!

And of course it didn't help my addiction of singing everything to G when I talked to a friend of mine (who happens to be a music therapist, aka the singing nurse) who informed me that musical cuing is one of the best ways teach babies new concepts.  Perhaps this is why G smiles all the times when I sing my silly made up songs...because you see I have different songs for different activities and I repeat them with every activity.  I think he really appreciates the repetition.

In FACT I'm almost positive this is what has really helped me with Nap Training!!! No Joke! I haven't had to deal with a cry out session since I started singing my "Nap time song"...I think he just GETS it now!

My songs are very practical and a little boring to the average listener...but they are generally catchy. John hated the Nap time song at first because it was soooo catchy it got stuck in his head! But once he saw how well it works...he's been singing it too!

See if it works for you!

Here are the lyrics for my two most popular (with Gunnar :P ) songs!

The Nap Time Song:

Nap time Nap time
It is time to close our eyes
Nap time Nap time
For a little while

We will sing a song together
And we'll read a story
Then it's time to close our eyes
For a little while
(repeat chorus)

[After reading a story or two...I sing]

Chorus 1x
We have sung this song together
And we read a (two) story(ies)
Now it's time to close our eyes
For a little while

Gunnar Tub SONG: (the tune of Wheels on the bus-insert your own baby's name)

Gunnar's in a tub so we wash wash wash
wash wash wash wash wash wash
Gunnar's in a tub so we wash wash wash
All night long.

Alternative verses: 
"so we scrub scrub scrub"
"so we wash his face, wash his face, wash his face"
"so we wash his ears, wash his ears, wash his ears"
"so we rinse rinse rinse"
"Gunnar's done with bath so we dry dry dry"
"Gunnar's going to bed so we brush his teeth"

I also sing the same lullabies everynight. "Now I lay me down to sleep" followed immediately by "Edelweiss" and then sometimes "Beautiful Savior" then whatever else I feel like singing.  I also just make up silly songs on the fly...or do a little jingle like everytime we go in the elevator I sing which way we are going "Down down down in the elevator!" or "Up up up in the elevator!" and then I point out the numbers as they change floors.
Gunnar is wearing his retro overalls from 1979 today...they say "Farmer John" on the leg...made for his daddy by his grandma back in the day!

In other news...
I'm so excited to be seeing so many family and friends in the next 3 days! So many people coming to Chicago!

I have a few more giveaways on the horizon. So be on the lookout for those. Also if you have a product or know of someone who has a product and would like to promote on my blog with a review/giveaway check out my new giveaways page for information.

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